i n s p o .

Hello Lady’s I am back with some nailinspo – I was looking through pinterest and found some nice photos, because I want to get my nails done for new year’s eve. How about you? Do you have some plans already? Actually I don’t like new year’s eve, but I will give it a try once more hahaha .. usually on new year’s eve there are always weird things happening when I don’t stay at home and that’s why I gave it already up some years ago, but you gotta stay positive in life, right? Hahaha oh boyyy…

Anyways have a look, maybe you could help me to decide for which nails I should go. I think you can’t go wrong with French or black nails. It’s classy.

What do you think?

Xx. L.

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Sometimes ..

Hey fellas,

So I was very busy last week, I went to the gym like two times HAHA I am getting in shape sooner or later… and it is getting pretty cold in Austria so of course I got sick hahaha I already felt it like on Wednesday. I also had to fix my car so I was always on the go. On Saturday I was at a birthday party which was actually awesome except that I was sick af and couldn’t get drunk hahaha & yesterday I just went for sushi and stayed in bed all the time and now I am at home! I will go to work on Thursday again. On Saturday we might go to Vienna for a short trip. Let’s see…

Talk to you soon!

Xx Lo.

Hallo Leute,

Ich war letzte Woche ziemlich beschäftigt. Ich war 2 mal im Fitnesscenter HAHA TJAA Sommerfigur lässt grüßen – niiicht.. und es ist schon arschkalt hier in Össi – natürlich bin ich daraufhin krank geworden! Hahaha kennt ihr das, wenn’s schon so komisch kribbelt und man spürt’s schon, dass man krank wird, tjaa so war das bei mir am Mittwoch. Ebenso muss ich noch ständig wegen der Autoreparatur rumfahren, um es herrichten zu lassen. Am Samstag war ich auf einer Geburtstagsfeier, die eigentlich ziemlich geil war außer, dass ich nicht wirklich was trinken konnte, da ich schon so krank war und mir Aspirin reinpfeiffen musste, natürlich konnte ich daraufhin nicht’s trinken, od. besser gesagt fast nichts. Hahaha gestern wollte ich dann eigentlich gar nicht mehr aus dem Bett raus. Holte mir nur kurz Sushi und guckte wieder die wilden 70er weiter. Am Donnerstag gehe ich wieder arbeiten und am Samstag fahren wir nach Wien – aber mal sehen!

Xx L.

Facts about me .

I thought it would be fun to write a post with some facts about me, so you can get to know me. So let’s start 😀


  1. I am really good at languages and this is one thing I really love to learn > languages. In the next time I’d like to start with a Russian course for example and I would like to learn Italian as well as it is not that difficult for me as my native language is Romanian 😛
  2. I love Pasta 😛 and I eat a lot of it hahaha
  3. When I hit puberty I never got a pimple or something, but I got them when I was already an adult haha – those were hard times as I had really bad acne.
  4. I’ve already had two surgeries and I am really scared of narcoses.
  5. I am really lame; when I go out and don’t drink alcohol I could fall asleep at 10 pm. Hahaha
  6. I actually don’t like the taste of alcohol most of the time, but I drink it because I can’t go out sober as it annoys me somehow hahaha
  7. I love dogs !! 😀
  8. My fav. Series is Grey’s Anatomy, but I also love the 70’s show, King of Queens and Scrubs.
  9. I love to read Quotes about life, love etc.
  10. I LOVE MEMES!!! They always make me laugh – when I have a bad day I just look up some memes hahaha
  11. I can really make fun of myself and laugh about me too.. i think it is important not to take life too seriously.
  12. I love Harry Potter movies.
  13. Some people call me unemotional until they meet me drunk hahaha.
  14. I love following music genres: 20’s, 50’s, 60‘, jazz, blues and country.
  15. I’d rather live in the 50’s too. Hehehe I’m a very nostalgic person.
  16. I love christmas and winter and watch home alone every year I already know this movie by heart hahaha.
  17. I need like 10 alarm clocks until I really get up in the morning hahaha.
  18. I don’t like to wear makeup so often so I really put it on when I need to like now for work or when I go out, but otherwise when I am on vacation for example I just put on glasses and there you go. Hahaha
  19. My dream was to move to Hollywood and to become an actress hahaha ouupss.
  20. I am only 1,67 meters tall, because some people say that I look so tall on pictures…
  21. I’d love to live in different countries every now and then.
  22. It takes a long time until I can trust someone.

Reading this makes me feel a bit weird about me now hahaha, how about you tell me some funny facts about you! 😛

Xx L.

– Good evening ..

Hello peeps : )

I am finally ready for bed 😛 after I wrote this blogpost.

I managed it to go to the gym today and to sign up for an annual subscription… So there’s no going back. Hahaha

I am dead today and I think I will have sore muscles tomorrow – will see. 😛

Afterwards I had toast with avocado and salmon and now I am drinking ginger, lemon and honey infused hot water. So it’s actually like a tea only with ginger, lemon and honey hahaha.

It tastes pretty nice and I think it keeps me fit during the cold… 😛 anyways

I will do some outfit posts now and when I finish with the outfit posts I will do a blog post about Sardinia as this will be a lot of work. I will split this topic into three parts otherwise it will get too long.

So here we go .. this is an outfit I wore some time ago in the summer 🙂

Very simple and cute 😛 outfit details at the end of this post!


T-Shirt from H&M, Skirt from Vero Moda, Shoes from Vans (I love them) unfortunately they are not that clean anymore as I wore them at the Holi Festival of colors and they got some color on haha, sunnies from Rayban.

I am now off to bed as I need to wake up early in the morning .. 😛

talk to you soon

Xx. Lo.

I am back ..

Hello friends 🙂

I know I haven’t posted for ages now, but I will try to update my blog more often now 🙂

This year has been a lot of work .. I have finished school and graduated in summer afterwards I went to Sardinia for a short vacation (I will post about Sardinia shortly) I took such amazing photos there..

Well I also started work since August, so I really feel it how less leisure time I have compared to the time when I was in school.

I will also start working out again, now that I am back at my normal weight of 59 kilos hahaha since I’ve gained almost 10 kilos last year, but now I start to feel better and I am really looking forward to working out again and to get a in a better shape for next summer HAHA.

Thank God that summer in Austria doesn’t last forever so I don’t have to wear that often a bikini hahah.. funny fact (I have like 20 bikinis and buy every year some more, even I don’t really like how my belly looks like hahaha).

I thought I’d combine this post with an outfit post to add some photos…


I took these photos at the end of August (location: Gmunden, Lake Traunsee, Austria). and the fun thing is that I’ve bought the dress at a store. Usually I buy everything online. I went shopping and I found that there was a huge summer sale at the mall and I bought a lot of dresses, but I guess I can’t wear them anymore since it’s raining all the time in Austria now hahaha – fail.

The shoes are also from a local store I bought them very spontaneous, but the store already closed, I guess it’s because the online shops are taking over. It’s actually a little sad, but we are living in a digital era right now. I will try to buy more at the stores especially when there are sales like this, I think this dress cost only 20€ :D. a real bargain.

I will show you in my next posts a little more of Austria as I know that especially my Asian followers love Austria 😀 hehe

I will now have some coffee with my sister and then well let’s see.

I promise that I will post more often now.

Kisses to you all 🙂

See you soon

Xx Lo.