Facts about me .

I thought it would be fun to write a post with some facts about me, so you can get to know me. So let’s start 😀


  1. I am really good at languages and this is one thing I really love to learn > languages. In the next time I’d like to start with a Russian course for example and I would like to learn Italian as well as it is not that difficult for me as my native language is Romanian 😛
  2. I love Pasta 😛 and I eat a lot of it hahaha
  3. When I hit puberty I never got a pimple or something, but I got them when I was already an adult haha – those were hard times as I had really bad acne.
  4. I’ve already had two surgeries and I am really scared of narcoses.
  5. I am really lame; when I go out and don’t drink alcohol I could fall asleep at 10 pm. Hahaha
  6. I actually don’t like the taste of alcohol most of the time, but I drink it because I can’t go out sober as it annoys me somehow hahaha
  7. I love dogs !! 😀
  8. My fav. Series is Grey’s Anatomy, but I also love the 70’s show, King of Queens and Scrubs.
  9. I love to read Quotes about life, love etc.
  10. I LOVE MEMES!!! They always make me laugh – when I have a bad day I just look up some memes hahaha
  11. I can really make fun of myself and laugh about me too.. i think it is important not to take life too seriously.
  12. I love Harry Potter movies.
  13. Some people call me unemotional until they meet me drunk hahaha.
  14. I love following music genres: 20’s, 50’s, 60‘, jazz, blues and country.
  15. I’d rather live in the 50’s too. Hehehe I’m a very nostalgic person.
  16. I love christmas and winter and watch home alone every year I already know this movie by heart hahaha.
  17. I need like 10 alarm clocks until I really get up in the morning hahaha.
  18. I don’t like to wear makeup so often so I really put it on when I need to like now for work or when I go out, but otherwise when I am on vacation for example I just put on glasses and there you go. Hahaha
  19. My dream was to move to Hollywood and to become an actress hahaha ouupss.
  20. I am only 1,67 meters tall, because some people say that I look so tall on pictures…
  21. I’d love to live in different countries every now and then.
  22. It takes a long time until I can trust someone.

Reading this makes me feel a bit weird about me now hahaha, how about you tell me some funny facts about you! 😛

Xx L.


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